Challenge, Issue 24

Take The Three Weekends Of Wonder Challenge

Take The Three Weekends Of Wonder Challenge


  1. For 3 mornings, spend at least an hour in nature based on the rules provided.
  2. Find a quiet spot and refrain from being distracted by text messages or social media.
  3. Observe what is around you and listen to what God might be saying to you.
  4. Note down all you observations, thoughts, and feelings during the 1-hour session.

Challenger: MICHELLE CHEW, 20

3 Fun Facts:
1. I talk to myself when I’m watching shows alone
2. I did my diploma in Chinese Media and Communications in Ngee Ann Poly
3. I can eat a lot. I once ate 2 really huge and full bowls of Japanese dons by myself!


When I received this challenge, I felt rather excited! Undeniably, this will pose a challenge for me because I’m not a morning person. Also, weekends are meant for sleeping in! That aside, I was truly curious about what these three Saturdays mornings will amount to. I’m anticipating how God will speak and how He will reveal more of Himself to me.


Week 1 – A Silent Morning Alone
Refrain from speaking aloud. Put your phone on airplane mode so you aren’t distracted by it.

I notice that there are many families having outings. This boy, who is probably only 4 years old, is asking his dad and grandad if they need help carrying items from the car. The boy is not aware that he is not going to relieve much of their burdens. Regardless of that, he offers help. His innocence really warms my heart :’) The dad and granddad look so happy when he asked! This sight parallels how our efforts in serving the Lord probably doesn’t amount to anything, but God is pleased when we offer whatever we have to serve Him and His kingdom. Even though our salvation isn’t found through our service unto God, we do so out of the love that we have for Him. All around me, I notice an abundance of trees growing fruitfully. I am reminded of the truth that God will always provide. These trees didn’t choose where to be situated at,  but wherever they were, they still grow, blossom, and serve its purpose. Many times I tend to ask God, “Lord, is this where I should be? Is this where I am called to serve you in?” May it be that wherever I am, I will continue to do God’s work according to His commandments; He will provide the way.

Week 2 – A Time with God
Spend time talking to God in prayer. You can do this aloud, in your journal, or in your heart!

I took the time to pray specifically for my mum. As I prayed, God revealed an image of her in her usual working outfit, followed by her taking a step forward. Thereafter, she fell, but when she stood up again, she was dressed in robes like royalty.

For quite awhile, God has been telling me that He really cares for my mum. He has challenged me many times to share about my faith and beliefs but I have always held back. But as this vision came to mind, I took it to heart and told myself to ‘dream big’ for God.

Always being fearful of hurting my parents’ hearts when pursuing my faith and beliefs, I’ve silently pushed off water baptism many times. But in this season of my life, God has continually assured me that He will work things out and has challenged me to take a step of faith. I am reminded of Ecclesiastes 5:4 “When you make a vow to God, do not delay to fulfil it. He has no pleasure in fools; fulfil your vow.” Throughout this week, this verse constantly encouraged me to trust God, be it sharing God’s love to my mum or dreaming big for Him. I am certain that God was not only working in my heart, but in my life as well.

Week 3 – Go with a Friend
Find a nature spot to walk (or sit) silently with a friend for about an hour. Keep conversation to a minimum, but feel free to share your thoughts when it arises or pray together. 

After spending two Saturday mornings alone, I was thrilled to bring someone along with me! I invited my close friend from Polytechnic, Iphiginia. We are both really chatty together so our nature “date” was not as quiet as it should be — oops! It was edifying as we shared about our current life situations and how we’ve been doing in our walk with God. I am reminded of Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 and the beauty of friendships.

With Iphiginia, I was able to share about what God spoke to me during last week’s challenge and my struggles and she listened and offered words of encouragements. Her actions reminded me of how God is — always loving, quick to listen and slow to speak. I am thankful that we are also able to share about our breakthroughs and rejoiced and celebrated with the other.


Through these three weekends of wonder, I have come to recognise the value of spending quiet and unrushed time with God. With the chaos and noise from the world, we really need unhurried and quiet moments spent with Christ to remind us once more that He is Lord over our lives. To be frank, this was a good challenge; I think everyone should try it (hahaha). All it takes is for us to wake up a tad bit earlier on a weekend! I will probably make it a habit to continue doing this on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Thank you Kallos for challenging me to break out of my ‘routine’ for a better one! 

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