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Take The “In-Sane” Challenge

Take The “In-Sane” Challenge


  1. This will be a 2 weeks challenge.
  2. Week 1: Colour daily with the sheets from Kallos’ Colouring Contest.
  3. Week 2: Complete a 7 day art-journaling experience.
  4. Concurrent:
    – List down 2 skills you will like to try and commit to it
    – Do something for your church friends
    – Exercise at least twice a week

Challenger: AIMEE TAN, 15

2 Fun Facts:
1. I am one-eighth Japanese
2. I tie some of my rubbish into knots for fun


When I was asked to take up this challenge, I was doing something similar since circuit breaker started. However, I decided to take it up because a challenge will require more discipline and intentionality on top of school homework! Apart from the Kallos colouring pages and art journaling activities, I’ve chosen embroidery and learning Japanese with a few friends to be two skills to hone. I confess that I have not been exercising much other than dancing (if that’s considered). I am also looking forward to doing things for my church friends. Challenge accepted!


Day 1
I woke up at 6a.m.! Probably must have felt too excited to start the challenge. I decided to do some colouring. Sheet 2 by Alyletters was interesting. Rather than colouring the sky all blue as usual, I tried adding a milky way though I’m not sure if those exist among the mountains. Outside the snow globe, the words were coloured grey. Inside, they were full of colour. It symbolised that in God’s presence, there is light and joy.

Day 2
This morning, I did some conditioning exercises. I am a dancer but have not had proper classes for awhile and am less flexible! Also, my friends and I have been practicing how to say grace in Japanese. I do that now before every meal.

Day 3
I got to catch up with a childhood friend from church. It was really nice to talk to her again! In the evening, I got to colour a bit. Sheet 3 by Kristen reminded me of two of my school friends. Sometimes, I struggle with the friendship as they like to gossip about others. However, Proverbs 17:17 reminds me to love them, regardless of their actions.

Day 4
I finished colouring Sheet 3 and started planning for a piece of embroidery! I wanted to do a scenery of a beach. I don’t have an embroidery frame, so I tried it on a stretch canvas instead. I painted a simple background before I started to sew. I am starting to feel restless because I have not gone out for so long!

Day 5
I started on Sheet 4 by @nommynoiks. It was hard to choose the colours, because there were many different possibilities! For my Japanese lesson today, I learnt the sinner’s prayer and the song ‘Jesus loves me’! I also danced today (that’s exercise, right?).

Day 6
I didn’t do much for the challenge today. I helped my mom with lunch and spent the day re-reading the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis from my childhood days. It was a nice break.

Day 7
Sheet 5 talked about joy in His presence. I realised I have not been spending much time with God. That is probably why I’ve been feeling sad and tired. I should set aside time to talk to Him these next few days.

Day 8
Today, I started art journaling. The theme was on clouds. I was reminded of how God spoke to me using clouds last year saying “I’m in control” when things seemed messed up. Knowing He is always with me comforted me. For exercise today, I ran around the house. 🙂

Day 9
Today’s art journaling theme is ‘a nourished heart’. I drew a house to symbolize my heart. I should take better care of myself because God is living in me. I should also fill my heart with His love to spread it to others. <3 I started searching pictures of embroidered frog faces as I was inspired by a plain green hand towel. I can’t wait to start embroidering!

Day 10
I’ve been thinking of giving my friend something. Before the circuit breaker, we met a few times. She is very close to my heart. We have a lot in common, such as loving artsy things. I sent her something that I sewed to thank her for always encouraging and inspiring me.

Day 11
For art journaling today, I had to draw what I was thankful for. My doodle came out as a single picture altogether, because most of the time I list them out as individual items. I suppose each of them is just a piece of what He has given. Without God, we would not even be alive to be thankful!

Day 12
It was so nice seeing people and laughing together during Japanese lesson online today. It was hard to answer today’s reflections. The first thing I thought about was earthly treasures, but I remembered that those will fade away. My most important treasure is God’s word, and it made me wonder — would I be willing to give it away? Once, I panicked when I thought I lost my Bible. It would not be the same getting a new one, because it has all the notes I’ve made over the years. However, if someone else needs it more than me, would I be willing to give it to them?

Day 13
Today, I danced again and it was so fun. Today’s art journal theme made me reflect about community. The people in my spiritual community have been encouraging me to take small steps to know God more and giving me opportunities to learn about God more personally. I thank God for sending them in my walk with Him.

Day 14
The challenge passed so fast! In this crazy world, my heart wants to rest and be able to hear God even in the wildness. Today, I reflected on how peace is not the absence of torment, but it is experienced in the midst of it, because He is here with us. Also, I finally got to embroider today! It was meant to be a butterfly, but it did not turn out very clearly because of the lack of space.


This challenge gave me time to take a break from life. However, I felt like I could have managed my time better. Though the art journaling was not entirely faith-based, it was like a devotional for me. I should take more time to reflect daily. Even though I did not finish all the colouring sheets in time, it was fun experimenting with colours and playing with different possibilities! There is always something more to learn about art, and I should stay humble too!

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