Courage, Devotionals, Hope, Issue 47

Navigating Through the Storms of Life

Navigating Through the Storms of Life

Over the years, I have learned that just because we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Saviour doesn’t mean that we are exempt from the fires and storms of this life. As John 16:33 shows us, Jesus has already given us a heads-up — in this world we will experience trouble, but take heart for He has overcome it all. What good news!

How do I keep breathing when everything around me seems chaotic and unresolvable? How can there be any good that comes out of horrible situations?

I have had these questions circulate in my mind when the gap between my expectations of how things should be and my current reality seemed far too wide for God to rescue me out of my disappointments.

But God has always rescued me. Failed relationships, broken promises, unpredictable circumstances in business, problems that arise within the ministry … when the gap between my expectations and my reality is large, Jesus has always come to fill that gap with His grace, love, and peace.

We all have experienced disappointment. I fell very ill in my final year of university. I had hopes and dreams to get a graduate job and start earning a stable income. But I became too unwell to even go for any job interviews. I started questioning why God would allow me to go through this. All the years of hard work to finally graduate came to a halt. I was deeply disappointed that my life felt like it had come to a dead end.

Little did I know, God was actually birthing something far greater than I could have ever imagined. I started writing songs and gaining more skills and knowledge in the area of vocals and songwriting. From there, doors to opportunities flung open and I was catapulted into God’s purposes for my life.

So how do we respond when the expectation and reality gap is far too big for us to comprehend? How do we make it through these storms of life? I have learned that the first thing to do is to run to Jesus. How? Pray. Talk to Him. Cry out to Him, plainly and simply, just as you are. He listens. Prayer is like a phone call to God; the line is always open. Tell Him how you’re feeling, and let out the confusion, the hurt, and the pain that seems unbearable.

Secondly, worship. Wherever you are, whatever worship looks like to you, worship! I found that switching on worship music in the background helped me. I felt like I was having a church service right in my bedroom. The presence of God calmed my spirit and helped me see the situation through His eyes instead of through the lens of bitterness.

The third step is to talk to people you trust. I talked to people I love and I know love me back. I spoke as honestly as I could about the struggles going on in my life, my mind, and my heart. Such clarity and revelation were brought forth when I was honest with my inner circle.

My friend, whatever you’re going through right now, whether it be good or bad, I encourage you to cling on to Jesus with everything you have. Allow Him to be your anchor as you weather the storms in your life. His plans are far better than we could ever imagine, pray or hope for. His heart for us is to be whole and healthy — physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Father God, please help me to walk through every season of life with You. Help me to trust that You know far better than I do. Lord, may You hold my hand every step of the way. Amen.

1. What storms are you currently walking through? How have you been responding to them?
2. Who can you call today to be completely honest with your feelings?

Read these passages to dive deeper into ‘Navigating Through the Storms of Life’:
o Romans 8:28
o Isaiah 55:8–9

‘Battle Belongs’ by Phil Wickham

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